Early Season Passes

Finally, new for 2012, season pass holders are going to be able to use their very own, favorite picture to put on their season pass card! That’s right, we’re going to give you the opportunity to send in your very own photo and we’ll place it on your season pass. No more pictures taken without makeup or wild hair and you won’t have to wait in line at the gift shop when what you really want to do is go and swim! Here’s how:

1. Find your favorite high-quality (at least 300 ppi) headshot of yourself in .gif or .jpg format.

2. Please, no sunglasses or hats on in the picture.

3. Send the image to info@bigsurfwaterpark.com along with your name, phone number and type of season pass (Surfer, Jr. Surfer or Sr. Surfer) that you purchased.

4. The deadline for submitting your photos is May 16th! If your pictures are not in by May 16th, you will need to have your pass made in the gift shop on your first visit.

4. We will notify you when they’re done and all you’ll have to do is bring in your purchase receipt to pick up your passes.

5. Big Surf reserves the right to reject the use of any photo that is deemed inappropriate.

It’s as easy as that. We’re looking forward to this being a fun, fast and convenient way for you to get your season passes ahead of time. It’s also a way to avoid the line at the gift shop and ensure that your first splash in the pool will happen as fast as you want it to.

So, get those cameras ready and please, call us at 573-346-6111 if you have any questions at all. And remember to get your pictures in before May 16th!