Our Facebook Deal of the Day

Big Surf’s Facebook Deal of the Day


  • The Deal of the Day will be posted between 5:00 pm and 9:00 am.
  • Evening posting are only valid for the next business day; morning postings are only valid on the day they are posted.
  • The Deal of the Day is valid for one $5.00 discount off each full-price all-day admission per person for every person who participates.  (For example, if the Deal of the Day says to draw a picture, will will give one $5.00 discount off the full-price all-day admission for the person who drew the picture.  If two people draw pictures, they will each get the $5.00 discount off their full-price, all-day admission.)
  • The Deal of the Day is limited to one $5.00 discount for each full-price, all-day admission.  (For example, if the Deal of the Day is to draw a picture, drawing two pictures does NOT entitle you to two $5.00 discounts.)
  • There is no limit to the Deal of the Day being applied to a group of people.  If you all participate, each person in your group gets the $5.00 discount per full-price all-day admission.
  • The Deal of the Day is not valid for already discounted admissions which are purchased after 3:00 pm (our “After 3” admission).
  • The Deal of the Day will not be applied to Non-Swimmer passes.
  • The Deal of the Day may not be combined with any other discount, coupon, or promotional program.
  • The Deal of the Day is only offered Monday through Thursday.
  • Big Surf reserves the right to refuse a discount if these rules are not followed.