Tropical Splash Island

Tropical Splash IslandNo height restrictionsA zero-entry pool suited for younger children – with water levels ranging from just six to 18 inches – that includes a water teeter-totter, bikes, squirting animals, tipping toucans, a couple mini-slides and lots and lots of room to splash and play!



  • No height restrictions
  • Please be mindful and respectful of the smaller children at play in this area
  • Diving and running are not permitted.
  • All body slide rides must be ridden feet first.
  • Further restrictions may be posted at the rides. Please be sure to read all signage.
  • Changing tables are provided in the restrooms. Changing diapers at dining/lounging tables will not be tolerated and may result in your dismissal from the park without refund.

Required Equipment:

  • None